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How can we help?

We support organisations by helping you to:-

  1. recruit new board members from a more diverse community of candidates –email

  2. understand, recognise and eliminate unconscious bias in the boardroom and align board behaviours with your core values –

  3. assess your board’s experience, skills and gaps to understand how to strengthen your decision-making –

  4. Our UK-wide membership provides a rich talent pool for organisations seeking to attract the highest calibre of Chairs and Non-Executive Directors from diverse backgrounds.


By 2023 we have successfully run a large number of recruitment events, improved the wording for adverts and promoted hundreds of Board vacancies, filling a significant number of Board roles with our members and many more through our network 



How can we help you?


We support individuals to become board-ready and get appointed to their first non-executive role, support more experienced board members to progress to other sectors, bigger organisations or roles, such as Committee Chair, Vice Chair or Chair and support all board members to be as effective as possible. 


We do this by:

  1. building your confidence in a supportive, friendly, inclusive environment

  2. helping you develop your board CV

  3. advertising board roles you may be interested in

  4. preparing you for interview

  5. supporting you to become an effective board member (through training, group support and mentoring) 

Testimonials about our services

  • Coaching offered to CtC members:

I found it so useful to have a time and space dedicated to thinking about my development. The coaching processes helped me to understand the Executive and Board environment and how to approach it when in my eventual NED role....... My allocated coach was clearly experienced both in business and in coaching....... She helped to provide me with the tools to move forward in my career which gave me a clearer vision on the direction that I want to take. I would highly recommend this coaching within CtC to any business or professional that is seeking clarity on how they want to move ahead in their career/business.I have found the overall experience very positive. Free coaching is a great member benefit at CTC." Tinu 

  • NED interview training:

"It was so valuable to participate in a mock NED interview and really give proper thought to how I would answer questions that are likely to be asked. It was also incredibly helpful to be able to hear how other people answered certain questions and the feedback from the very wise panel. The whole experience helped give me clarity on my reasons for why I want a NED role and what I have to offer and I'm sure this was instrumental in subsequently being invited to interview and secure a board position. Thank you CtC!" Alice


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